Mary's Emporium

Mary Lauber founded Mary's Emporium in Brownville, Nebraska over 30 years ago as a general store.  When Mary retired from a successful career as a teacher of English as a Second Language to children and adults of many cultures, she decided to revive her brand to showcase her passion for timeless jewelry, clothes, and accessories.  Many of Mary's pieces are handmade while new jewelry is sourced from the east coast and estates.  Many of Mary's best customers anxiously await her return from a "buying trip."  Come to Mary's Emporium to buy, sell, and experience.  Mary will even repair your heirloom pieces with a gentle touch.


The historic "October House," so named because one of its previous owners bought it in October, was built in 1857 and is one of two pre-Civil War houses in Brownville to have been owned by Oscar F. Lake, an early Brownville civic leader.  A home to many generations of Brownvillians, and at least one retail store, the house stood vacant for over 30 years waiting for a new life.  In 2009, the "October House" was purchased by the Lauber family and structurally reinforced.  Many of its aspects are purposely not restored to bear witness to the passage of time.